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Uluru Ayers Rock

Planning your trip to Uluru need not be stressful. As expert tour guides in the Australian outback, we are here to give you an insider travel tip to help you best prepare for your holiday. From which airport to arrive in and how long to spend in Uluru – we’ve got you covered!


Which Airport to Arrive from?

Connellan Airport (AYQ) You can catch a direct flight to Uluru’s Connellan Airport (AYQ) from Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, and Alice Springs. Costs vary and it is best to check flight comparison websites or airline pages for actual costs. Via plane, Connellan Airport is 3.5 hours away from Sydney, 3 hours away from Melbourne, 2.75 hours away from Cairns, and 50 minutes away from Alice Springs. Airlines that serve these routes are Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia. The airport is around a 20-minute drive from Uluru and a 10-minute drive to the Ayers Rock Resort.

Alice Springs Airport (ASP)


Direct flights to Alice Springs airport arrive daily from Australia’s major cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Perth, Cairns, and Tennant Creek. Virgin Australia and Qantas are two major airlines that serve this route. The drive from Alice Springs to Uluru takes approximately 5.5 hours.

Which Airport to Choose?

Our insider travel tip is to fly in the morning via the Ayers Rock airport, take a tour of Uluru, proceed to Alice Springs the next day, and fly out through the Alice Springs airport a few days after. Note: Both airports close at 18:00 each day. There are a few reasons why this plan will get you more bang for your holiday dollar:

Though the highlight of the trip is Uluru, there are much more things to see in the Red Centre such as the West MacDonnell Ranges.

The experience of driving through the outback from Uluru to Alice Springs makes you realise the vastness of the Australian outback. There are numerous other landmarks to see while on the drive. This outback experience is a must do!

Alice Spring Sunset

Alice Springs is the unofficial capital of Central Australia – and there are loads of things to do in Alice Springs as well. Check out our past article on our top 10 picks on how to spend your holiday in Alice Springs.


How Long Should One Spend in the Red Centre?

Definitely, spending only a day in this magnificent part of Australia is a bad idea – it’s spreading yourself too thin and missing out on marvellous experiences in Uluru and Alice Springs.

We highly recommend spending 2-3 days for both Uluru and Alice Springs. Soak up on the outback experience and fully immerse yourself in the Red Centre! The outback is full of adventure, culture, and interesting wildlife to explore!

We’re here to help with your touring and transport needs from Alice Springs and Uluru and vice versa. Pop us a message through [email protected] or visit our Facebook page. Also, visit our tours page to get an idea of what you can do in Uluru and Alice Springs!


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