If you are contemplating an experience that you will never forget, “let me lead your imagination into the experience of Uluru.”


Enjoy sharing the experience, marvelling with other earth travellers at the awesomeness of nature’s creation. Take stolen moments alone to appreciate the many assaults on your senses. The vision of the Rock. The sounds of the bush. The warmth of the sun. The wind whistling eerily through caverns of rock. The scent of water leading you to a waterhole. The myriad of colours that must surely temp your imagination. Uluru has a mystical quality, a “quality” that dares you to explore and discover, imagining yourself the first to ever find yourself in this place. The air is charged. There is a timeless quality. Time has stood still here.

Uluru is rich in stories. Stories from the past that have been told by the Anangu people, a people who have roamed this landscape for thousands of years. Stories that seem alive today as you wander the tracks that wind around the base of Uluru.

Time spent at the Cultural Centre allows you to listen to the music of the region and absorb some of the stories told by the people who claim this land. Immerse yourself in the culture before letting both your mind and body take the journey.

The colours will entrance you. Bright blue skies. A scattering of vivid colour from seasonal wildflowers. Golden flecks of sunlight touching the tops of sparsely numbered trees and bushes. Red earth. Red rock changing colours throughout the day. Sunrise casts a golden glow. Shadows creep over the many faces of Uluru as the day progresses. Sunset may offer violet and indigo or golden peachy colours that cannot be adequately described. The night sky is ablaze with countless stars, glittering like decorations on a three-dimensional Christmas tree. Constellations that reach deeper and deeper into space. More stories. Stories that remain with you long after you cast a last glance over your shoulder as you leave this magical place. It is possible to imagine you will one day return… and bring others to share with you this amazing experience. The experience of Uluru. Create your own cherished memories.

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