You must have heard this before: journeying in the outback is a different experience. And rewarding. And just too amazing for words. Adventure seekers, travellers, and for anyone who is just curious – the outback is one of the most impressive and unforgettable travel experience in anyone’s life. Unique is always exceptional – and the Australian outback is just that. Let’s explore further what makes the outback the most unforgettable experience you’ll ever have, and trust us on this, you will be glad you made the journey.

Red Sand


Grey sand? How about fifty shades of red? We’re all used to sand that’s grey, and in our opinion, grey is too common! The outback sand is colour red because of ion oxide. Dreaming of going to Mars? This is the closest you can get, for now at least

Aboriginal Culture and Art

It’s not just natural wonders you’ll see here at the red centre. This is also the centre of culture and tradition of the Aboriginal people. Immerse yourself and understand at least 50,000 years worth of art, tradition, culture, and values of one of the world’s oldest human societies.

The Most Glorious Natural Wonder of Australia – Uluru

The massive Uluru dominates the centre of Australia. It is also called the spiritual heart of Australia because of its deep significance to the Aboriginal culture. A geological wonder, this is the most photographed view of Australia – and it is not to be missed!

The World’s Most Amazing Sunset

This is a must-do when in Uluru – it remains to be one of the most awe-inspiring experiences according to most travellers. One will notice Uluru’s colour changes depending on how the sun hits the rock. Marvel on hues of orange and red at the middle of the Australian outback.

Up Close and Personal with the Milky Way

When darkness hits Uluru, one of the most magnificent sites appear in front of visitor’s eyes – the Milky Way. Rather untouched by light pollution, the night skies give way to the most powerful view of the solar system.   Convinced? Let us help you create unforgettable experiences here in the Australian outback! Visit our tour page for more information on how you can have your best holiday yet whilst in the red centre.

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