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The Mystery Behind Magical Uluru

What Makes Uluru Magical?

Uluru is undoubtedly the most iconic natural wonder of Australia. Its origins date back to around 600 million years, just as old as the Australian continent itself. Often referred to as the spiritual heart of Australia, Uluru is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 and is considered sacred and magical by the Aborigines who have revered Uluru for at least 30,000 years. Australians cannot deny its allure; the rock is considered mystical, potent in magic, and historically and culturally rich.

Uluru is 346 metres high and is 2 miles in length and width. Its massive size is made more noticeable as it is situated within a completely flat terrain, isolated from any town. The nearest town to it is Alice Springs, the unofficial capital of Central Australia, around 450kms away or a 5-hour drive. Thousands of people arrive through Alice Springs to journey through the outback, enthusiastic for the magical Uluru experience. But what makes Uluru special?

Physically, Uluru is an inselberg, a hill or mountain that rises from a plain.

It is made up of natural formations such as caves, canyons, and water holes. To add to the feeling of magic is how Uluru changes colour depending on the position of the sun. It is a huge red stone which turns into a magical vibrant pink as the sun rises, shades of amber during noon, and yellow ochre as the sun sets. But beyond physicality, what makes this rock special is the history attached to it – around Uluru are paintings and carvings of the early Aborigines.

The magnificence of this magical physical wonder is something to behold. Uluru is still and will always will be a living cultural landscape deeply entrenched in Aboriginal culture. For them, Uluru is a living creature that emits energy and thus naturally, deeply sacred. Legend is Uluru rose from the site of a battle between two tribes over a tantalising lizard woman in response to the earth’s grief over the bloodshed.

Towering over the Australian outback, Uluru remains a source of reverence and awe from the indigenous Aborigines and Australians alike. Its spectacular physical appearance and the culture attached to Uluru makes it beautiful, mystical, and magical, rightfully Australia’s most impressive natural and cultural landmark.     Interested to learn more about Uluru? We have got extensive knowledge of all things about Uluru and the Australian outback.

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