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Uluru Weather and the Best Time to Visit

We’re in this business to give you the best holiday experience during your Uluru trip! There is one thing international tourists usually regret checking before they go on an Ayers Rock tour – the Uluru weather. If you’re an avid traveller, chances are you’ve landed on our blog in search for the best time to visit Uluru. And we have just that – a comprehensive guide on Uluru weather. First off, here are a few important things to consider for your next visit to Uluru.

Most important of all: there are dramatic differences in weather temperatures. Prepare yourself for very hot summers and below 0C winters.

Seasons in Australia

Spring – the temperate months fall on September, October, and November Summer – the hottest months are December, January, and February Autumn – moderately temperate months fall on March, April, and May Winter – the coldest months fall on June, July, and August We hope you’re not too shocked that the seasons are opposite from the regular seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. When planning to visit Uluru, take into consideration the difference in the weather, or you may be in for a surprise!


Uluru Weather – Temperatures

Weather in Uluru could be considered extreme. Summer temperatures can get very hot with temperatures soaring to 40C and 45C in the desert. On the contrary, during the winter, temperatures can drop to below 0C. Here’s a rundown of what temperatures you could expect when you visit, depending on the season and the months you choose (all temperatures are in Celsius and are rounded off).
Spring – High from 26C-34C and low from 17C-9C
Summer – High from 35C-38C and low from 17C-21C
Autumn – High from 23C-28C and low from 17C-8C
Winter – High from 22C-20C and low from 5C-3C

Now that you have an idea how extreme the weather can be (don’t say we didn’t warn you!) it’s good to first have an idea what your chosen activity in Uluru will be.
Instagram-worthy photos? Uluru is perfect any time of the year! However, for the best photo results, the spring months (September, October, and November) are ideal due as well to the pleasantly mild temperatures. Social media will be blown away!
Planning a hike/climb/adventure? Sweating and freezing are out of the question. Visit Uluru during the cooler months from May to September.

For more information and accurate weather forecasts for Uluru visit this page. We are here to help you get the best experience of Uluru, whatever month you choose to come down! For more information on Ayers Rock tours, visit our webpage.


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